AOSP STUDIO, in 2 May 2016 by two young entrepreneurs, established is an Android open-source application development platform. This Platform is an Android Software Platform built to serve all of the world's users

Our long-awaited introduction is the Android Open Source Projects Studio. AOSP STUDIO is a platform with a concept of keeping all users on the world alive with a colorful and intelligent world. AOSP STUDIO develops its own applications and offers to the end user by making some special modifications to open source android projects.

Creativity and Design

We have always worked with our users and our customers to design a more practical and easier interface, and in the end we succeeded.
The modern user interface has revolutionized the way we do business with many companies.


In order to be always one step at a time, we recommend Google's Material design 2.0's (Material Design).


Your mobile apps for your website are so much connected to your site that it provides more than a completely professional experience.


Every time we develop our application we add a system that works like artificial intelligence, so your device keeps pace and makes planned adjustments.


We provide update support through additional packages so that your application is always safe and up-to-date, and we incorporate the latest technologies we have developed.


We are developers of Android open source applications; we've worked hard to make sure our users are always happy everywhere, and we're successful, we've asked many of our users, and we've asked our customers and got a very productive statistic. According to many of our users, we are always preferred and suggested. So what are you waiting for? Do not you join my fun world right now?



Working with AOSP STUDIO is an excellent experience. We develop our business in partnership with opportunities and marketing methods.

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