About us

AOSP STUDIO, founded by two young entrepreneurs in Turkey May 2, 2016 in Android is an open source-based application development platform. This platform is a Developer Page to serve the whole world.

AOSP STUDIO's name comes from the open source Android. So our name is Android Open Source Projects Studio. We call this briefly AOSP STUDIO.

The aim of AOSP STUDIO is to provide Android users with a completely different and unique quality to Android users all over the world. We offer some of our projects from scratch to our users. We offer some of our users by re-compiling open source projects and adding different functions.

We always start with the principle of best support. In some of our applications, we've developed a faster interface than Google's material design (MeraUI). MeraUI is designed to give users a unique application experience. This user interface, which is focused on saving and modern interface, will continue to improve day by day and will continue to incorporate new technologies.

Our partners

AOSP STUDIO LLC. Companies operating under contracted or contracted companies are below.

  • Lifeapps International LLC
  • Kahramanmaraş Web Design (Host) Go

Communication with AOSP STUDIO

Please use for your requests and problems. If this address is not reached, contact