What is MeraPure UI 2.0?

AOSP STUDIO and Lifeapps is a dedicated user interface built on pure android, prepared by design teams.

MeraPureUI has been designed with the utmost care to give users the best experience. 30% more performance compared to Google Material Design!


MeraUI 2.0

With our dedicated user interface based on pure android, we offer a comfortable user experience.

MeraSmartRescue 2.0

This technology minimizes application crashes and saves the user from application crash errors by running backup codes in the background without projecting.

MeraProtect 2.0

MeraProtect is code hiding and code protection technology built with Android's built-in Proguard technology. It protects the user against the editing of codes for high security of the users and protects the user from the damages of 3rd party persons.

MeraPrivacy 2.0

With MeraPrivacy, we protect our objects in a way that no other activity or applications can use. We provide everything we can to keep user data safe.
We can use end-to-end encryption in the future.

MeraColor 2.0

We offer wide color gamut support so you can enjoy video and movie much more enjoyable on Android 8.0 and above devices. We offer high contrast and clarity in all media applications that support DCI-P3.

MeraSound 2.0

Music and Film concepts are very simple for us. The most difficult job is to please the user. In our media applications, we use up to 1000 watts of auto-assisted AUX Bass amplifiers and Mera sound developers. 3D Movies and Bass music sounds more pleasant now.

Applications using MeraPureUI 2.0