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Privacy Policy

This document you agree to this Privacy Policy from the time you start using any of the AOSP STUDIO applications, regardless of the time you start using it. There are some important considerations in this privacy policy document that you agree to. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy and statements, you must remove one or more of our practices that you have established so that they do not collect usage data. As AOSP STUDIO, we securely store this collected usage information.

Below are some details about the Privacy Policy. Please read the full details and descriptions of this privacy policy document.

Release date: 11.07.2019

1. What constitutes this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy contains detailed information about AOSP studio's products and services that may be obtained through your use of AOSP STUDIO. The data is automatically collected and detailed information about them is provided in detail.

2. What to do with your usage data

The reason we use your data is to provide a seamless and spectacular user experience, regardless of gender, country, race, brand, model.
To be able to develop user-friendly applications that are focused on the audience that we are busy as a region.
The data collected by other services we use in our products cannot be processed by us.

3. By whom it is processed

"AOSP STUDIO" Limited Company (AOSP STUDIO LLC) or its subsidiary providing the related service, which is established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and is based in Efeler/Aydın, Turkey, is collected and used by you to ensure the use of the sites and services.

4. Your collected usage data

Personal information from product/service applications developed by AOSP STUDIO is not transferred to our servers, user data hosted by US; general information of applications used by the user is collected.

Some of our products and services log-in processes personal log-in data is temporarily stored in the user's device cache, which cannot be excluded from the application, but if someone else takes possession of the user device, they can access the important data directly without the need to log in. For this reason, the user needs to use application locking and style applications in our logon applications or to log out of the session. AOSP STUDIO is not responsible for the account/personal information that the user deals with at his own expense. It is the person's own responsibility.

Data collected in some applications with internet access in our product/service applications: within Yandex AppMetrica;
· Application name and version number used by the user
· User-used device model and android version
· The root information of the device used by the user
· The type of network to which the user connects to the application
· From which location the user entered the application
· Average age of the user
· Reports of application crash errors order for the user to avoid data breach or information collection software in our applications. the party should not prefer Store/APK download sites. This allows us to provide an application experience that is more secure and free of malicious software from hackers.
AOSP STUDIO is not responsible for any other data that Yandex App Metrica collects. Other data collected will be valid under the privacy policy of Yandex App Metrica. Users who do not agree to the terms must stop using the apps and remove them.
AOSP STUDIO collects the data received above to solve statistical and application problems. It fully reserves the right to process the collected data.

5. What is the purpose of this policy

The protection of your personal information and privacy is very important to AOSP STUDIO. Therefore, in the event of your use of our services, AOSP STUDIO strictly protects and processes your use data in accordance with applicable law.

6. Cookies and records held on the server

The word "Cookie" is used to describe a small text file that the Web page server places in the storage of your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Some parts of our site and applications may use cookies to provide user convenience. In addition, Cookies and web beacons may be used to collect ad data through ads available on the site or on our applications. This happens entirely with your permission, and it is possible to prevent this by changing the settings of your Internet Browser at your request.

As with many standard web servers and advanced android applications, AOSP STUDIO products and web pages are also registered log files for statistical purposes. These files contain standard information such as the ip address of your device, your internet service provider, browser features, operating system, and the time and date of entry and exit to the site, and the pages you visit. Log files are not strictly used for statistical purposes and do not violate your privacy. Please contact us first when you arrive at the detection of any other violation outside of this situation. Your Ip address and other information are not associated with your personal information.

7. About external links

The AOSP STUDIO site and/or its applications provide links to different internet addresses from their own pages. AOSP STUDIO is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of the sites to which it links, promotes the application. The linking process mentioned here is considered to be “referring” legally.

8. Advertising and GDPR policy

We use third-party advertising companies to provide advertising services in the use of our applications.
These companies may use the information they obtain from your visits to these sites and other websites (your name, address, email address, or phone number) to show you advertising of products and services that will interest you.
These ads may contain cookies and may be collected by these companies and we may not be able to access this information. We prefer Google Adsense and Google Admob, and please read the privacy policies of those sites regarding data and cookie usage.

As of December 5, 2018, we are implementing GDPR-compliant ads in our ad hosting applications. Countries affiliated to the European Union can benefit from GDPR.
After installing our user application, the user encounters a dialogue about the personalisation of the ads, in which they adjust the personalisation of the ads, and in which they can also gain access to our Privacy Policy and the privacy policies of our advertising partners.

9. Updating this policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended without notice. We reserve the right to make changes to this document at any time.

10. Questions and suggestions

Please contact AOSP STUDIO for other requests and questions regarding your use of the information, including giving up the collection or use of certain types of information reach by using his address. To contact if this email address is not reached it should be preferred.

Terms of service

Thank you for using our products and services. Services are provided by AOSP STUDIO LLC. By using our services, you agree to these terms. Please read these terms carefully.

This document you agree to these terms of use from the moment you start using any of the AOSP STUDIO applications, regardless of the time you start using them.sometimes additional terms can be applied because our services are very diverse. Additional terms are provided in conjunction with the respective services, and if you use these services, they become part of your agreement with us. This agreement establishes rights and obligations to the parties relating to the site and services subject to the contract, and the parties declare that when they accept this agreement, they will fulfill the rights and obligations in full, accurately, in due course, in the terms requested in this agreement.

Release date: 11.07.2019

1. Responsibilities

1.1. The company reserves the right to change the prices and the products and services offered.
1.2. The company accepts and undertakes that the member will benefit from the services subject to the contract except for technical failures.
1.3. Otherwise, the user shall not reverse engineer the use of the site or applications or take any other action to find or obtain their source code, and 3. he accepts that he will be responsible for the damages that will arise before the persons and that legal and criminal action will be taken in advance.
1.4. User, site and application activities, site or any part of the application or communications contrary to the general morality and decency, contrary to the law, 3. it accepts that it will not produce or share content that damages the rights of persons, is misleading, offensive, obscene, damages the rights of persons, is contrary to copyright, promotes illegal activities. In this case, the authorities of the related service may suspend or terminate such accounts and reserve the right to start a legal process. For this reason, it reserves the right to share information requests regarding activity or user accounts from jurisdictions.
1.5. Members of the site and applications are responsible for their relationships with each other or third parties.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

2.1. All registered and unregistered intellectual property rights such as Title, business name, trademark, patent, logo, design, information and methods contained in this Site and services belong to the company operator and owner of the company or its designated agent and are under the protection of national and international law. The visit of this Site or the use of the services on this site does not give any rights to such intellectual property rights.
2.2. The information contained on the site and its applications may not be reproduced, published, copied, presented, and/or transmitted in any way. All or part of the site and its applications may not be used in any other project without permission.

3. Confidential Information

3.1. Personal information transmitted by users through the company, site and applications 3. the party will not disclose it to people. This personal information includes any other information to identify the user, such as contact name, address, phone number, mobile phone, e-mail address, and, in short, ‘confidential information’.
3.2. User, only promotion, advertising, campaign, promotion, announcement, etc. the company accepts and declares that it has consented to share its communications, portfolio status and demographic information with its affiliates or group companies to which it is affiliated, limited to its use within the scope of marketing activities. This personal information may be used within the company to determine customer profile, to provide promotions and campaigns in accordance with customer profile and to carry out statistical studies.
3.3. Confidential information may only be disclosed to the public authorities if requested by the authorities in the procedure Department and where disclosure is required to the authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulatory regulations.

4. Recording and security

4.1. The user must provide accurate, complete and up-to-date registration information. Otherwise, this contract will be deemed to have been violated and the account may be closed without informing the user. The user is responsible for password and account security on the site and third-party sites. Otherwise, the company cannot be held responsible for data losses and security breaches or damage to hardware and devices.

5. The integrity and applicability of the contract

5.1. If one of the terms of this agreement becomes partially or completely invalid, the rest of the agreement shall remain valid.

6. Change of conditions and loss of validity

6.1. The company may, at any time, change the services offered on the site and the terms of this agreement in whole or in part. Changes will be valid from the date of publication on the site or from the date specified at the beginning of the document.
6.2. It is the user's responsibility to keep track of changes.
6.3. The user is deemed to have accepted these changes by continuing to use the services offered.

7. Refusal To Offer Warranty


8. Protection from harm

8.1. The User undertakes to protect AOSP Studio, its affiliates, employees and contracting parties from all and any objections, lawsuits and/or complaints by third parties in connection with the user's actions while using the service, and also to reimburse (including without limitation, based court costs) any damages and expenses that may arise due to such objections, lawsuits and/or complaints.

9. Applicable law and dispute resolution

9.1. These terms (including all matters relating to their validity, implementation and termination) are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the law of Turkey, without regard to the regulations on conflict of provisions. In the event of a dispute arising out of these terms or in relation to them, the parties shall bring such a dispute to the competent court in accordance with applicable law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no provision in these terms may be construed as prohibiting any country from requesting temporary measures (or similar emergency protection measures) in its competent court.